Ladies Living Free

Ladies Living Free (a division of Paducah Lifeline Ministries, Inc.) is a residential and non-residential community-based recovery program that helps women who struggle with life-controlling problem through Jesus Christ.

Although addiction does not discriminate between men and women in the destruction that it leaves behind, the roads that lead to addiction and later to recovery are unique to each gender in important ways.

Lifeline’s Women’s Program (also called Ladies Living Free) recognizes that all women were designed by God with a deep need to be loved and valued for who they are and for the things that make them unique.  Women must know that God the Father considers them beautiful and important for the purpose He has put them on this earth to fulfill. Despite how broken they have become or how much they have hurt or neglected others, we believe that redemption wins through Jesus Christ.

Culture’s message to women is often that in order for them to serve any value they must do so by exploiting their bodies or abusing their ability to influence others by manipulation or schemes devised to gain whatever a particular woman believes will help her feel more secure about herself and her life in general. This broken idea of self-image serves only to create the deceptive empty feeling that influence her to believe a particular substance or addictive behavior will eventually bring about that real sense of value she seeks. At times that search for real value can feel so strong that it seems necessary for survival itself.

Internally, a woman who struggles with addiction is frequently overly critical of herself and others, who she constantly compares herself to mentally. This can include children, parents, spouses, friends, coworkers, and others. This leads to broken relationships, sometimes criminal behavior, and tends to leave her feeling alone and misunderstood. All of these circumstances further the cycle of insecurity, “survival” response, addiction, and destruction.

Because of this, our program seeks to help break this cycle at every stage for a woman and to ultimately set her on a path to true wholeness.

Through chapel, classroom, and one-on-one sessions with trained teachers who have commonly recovered from addiction themselves, we help them understand their value regardless of mistakes they have made, or the messages they have heard from the world and told themselves. We work to dispel the myth that they are simply valuable based on the shape of their bodies or their ability to manipulate, by helping them to discover and pursue those things that make them unique and that they are passionate about. We provide them with safe housing and make every effort to assist them in finding meaningful work with local employers where they can further be encouraged and feel secure.

The journey to restoration for a woman is not an easy or short process, but at Lifeline we see women every day making progress to achieve just that. Ultimately, we are convicted that no matter how heavy the weight of the world or how tight the bondage of a woman’s own mind may hold her, she who the Son sets free is free indeed!

Classes offered:

Phase 1
  • Renewing Your Mind
  • Parenting
  • Wildflower (Sexual Abuse Class)
  • Life of Jesus Christ
  • Anger Management
  • Walk of Repentance
  • Christian Living
  • Computer
  • Sexual Purity
  • Insight
  • Celebrate Recovery
Phase 2
  • Financial Peace
  • Walk of Repentance
  • Celebrate Recovery

Licensed counseling sessions required for all clients.


I've spent most of my life in addiction, beginning with smoking pot and drinking at age 13 then moving onto cocaine and meth later in my adult years. Because of my addiction, I had two failed marriages, angry children, and a lot of lost trust! The first time I went to jail was in 2006; I was 45 years old. For the next 6 years, I was in and out of jail, in and out of rehabs, and watching my life disintegrate around me. I had lost all hope. I wanted to recover but didn't know how. I could manage sobriety for just a few months; no more than that. During my last time in jail, I cried out to God to please show me how to live a clean and sober life and to show me a way. He led me to Ladies Living Free. I wasn't raised in church but I did know the Lord. I had fallen away from Him. Ladies Living Free saved my life! It brought me into a stronger relationship with the Lord. They taught me how to live a sober christian life. That life is something I had no clue how to live. Through God my marriage was restored, my family was restored, trust was restored, and I WAS RESTORED! Today I am 3 and a half years sober and the Lord has blessed me with a job at Ladies Living Free! I can help the women who are exactly where I once was. He has given me a heart for these women. I have a jail ministry and two Celebrate Recovery step studies that I co-lead for women. I am blessed far more than I ever deserved! Ladies Living Free taught me to be the woman of God that I am today. All glory and honor to the Father. - Lori Gilbert
Hi name is Kassie Stockwell. Once identified as an addict but through the grace and forgiveness of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I have been set free. Growing up, everyone in my family was always close. I grew up with my sister, Kasey. We were only a couple years apart in age so it was like growing up with my best friend. Even though we grew up with a lot of love, addiction has always played a big role in our family for generations. It wasn’t until Aug of 2014, things started to slowly fall apart. My father-in-law's health started getting bad. Eventually he had to move in with us. Not long after that, my husband, Chase fell of a roof at work, fracturing both bones below his knee. November of that year, my father passed away from cirrhosis of the liver. The years of drinking and pills were hard on him, after time his body gave up. Not long after my father passed, a friend stopped by and offered us meth. I honestly thought I would be different, it wasn’t going to get out of control. Two short months after losing my father, my father in law died. Then a month and a half later, my nana lost her life to an overdose. My mom was so overwhelmed with grief that she was burying herself in her addiction and secretly, I was too. In April 2015, my mother entered into Ladies Living Free. Knowing what the program did for my aunt and uncle, we were finally relieved. She loved being there. She was happier than I had seen her in a long time. Deep down I was envious of the pure joy that was radiating from her. I knew it was God. February 1, 2016, my aunt, got custody of our daughter. Deep down, I think we both knew something had to be done. Two months later on April 6, Chase entered Lifeline and I entered Ladies Living Free. I worried about mom bc she had fallen back into her addiction combined with an abusive relationship. I would pray every day that God would help her find a way out. Then 20 short days later, I found out my mother had lost her life at the hands of her addiction and an abusive relationship. In spite of everything, I was able to carry on. Deciding to stay and finish the program saved my life. These were some of the most difficult times I’ve ever had to go through. With the help of the amazing people at LLF and my family, I was able to overcome it all. The ladies prayed for me when I couldn’t pray for myself. When I had no hope, they had hope for me. As the days went by we quickly started growing closer to God, becoming happier, and looking better too. Through the grace of God today my family is restored and happier than ever. God has turned our pain into our passion. I started earning the trust of my family back and my sister and I are growing stronger by the day. We now have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are active in church. We get to raise our daughter with Godly parents now, and show her the right way. One of my proudest moments is hearing my little girl pray before our meals and she always ends it with, “and punch the devil in the chin by saying God’s word!” Through Jesus, I have found comfort and peace. I can now turn to God to cope with my pain instead of turning to drugs to numb the pain. I’ve learned to let go of all the things that I have held onto for so long. Ladies living free helped me grow more than I ever thought possible. I learned of a God that I never knew before. Even though I’m still growing and still have a lot to learn I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for God working through me. Today, I use my past as my determination. I’m making the choice to stop the generational curses of addiction off my family. Deuteronomy 30:19 This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live…… TODAY I CHOOSE LIFE!!!!!! Thank you!
Miracles happen more than we know. There are so many things that happen in a person’s life that it’s hard to keep track. But one of the main reasons that I say Miracles happen more than we know is because it was a Miracle when the Lord saved my life. My parents divorced when I was two. They went their separate ways but for me it was a defining point in my life. From the age of 2 to 16 it was normal for me to jump from house to house. I loved my Mother and my Father and the older I got the harder this was for me. Years went by and the world took a hold of me. I started drinking when I was 16 years old. Usually, I would come up with an excuse, and I was able to justify the reason why I drank so much. At the age of 22, my social drinking became a necessity and I realized I couldn’t stop. Most of my 20’s I held on to the problem and carried even more terrible things. I was alone in my world and the bottle was my only friend. One day I was rushed to the hospital and tied to a bed because I had drank an insane amount of alcohol. You would think that would have scared me to stop, but it didn’t; it only made things worse. Because now everyone knew; I couldn’t hide the fact that I was always drunk. After years of living with two gay men, partying at the clubs, going to jail, court appearances, and getting fired from jobs seemed to take its toll. I had what my family calls an “episode.” I went on a 3-day binge and I do not remember much of any of it. I do know that once again I was tied to a bed; screaming and shouting in the Emergency Room. I was 30 years old and I knew that my life was never going to change and I would be haunted by this demon forever. I didn’t know a way out; so I ran. I moved over 4 times in a year and a half or so. I thought I was never going to be settled and I was never going to be anything except a drunk. It terrified me to the core because at that moment in my life I saw failure everywhere. However, with all that heartache I had, I found a miracle. I found what I had been looking for my entire life. At 32 I had officially hit the bottom. I had been a severe alcoholic for years and I knew that something had to change. And a swift realization came into play. I found Ladies Living Free. This amazing place changed my life. I learned there that it didn’t matter what I had done; God loves me anyway. My entire family is very faithful to the Lord. I was raised with my Dad who was a preacher, a Mom that was in a gospel-singing group, and an uncle who was also a preacher. I realized at LLF that it’s okay to be me. It’s okay to be scared. All that the Lord wanted from me was something so simple. He just wanted to love. 6 months in the in-house program and I found myself thirsty for more. I desired for the Lord to be my only shield. I had struggled for so long trying to fight on my own, and I figured out that I couldn’t fight this battle alone; I needed some help. I needed the Lord to guide me on the right path. This program has been completely life-changing. My Lord broke my chains. I was held in bondage and HE SET ME FREE. My life is not perfect not and it will never be perfect. But I can say this, I am happier in my life now then I have ever been. I feel joy in my heart. I feel the love from every angle. I have a strong relationship with the Great I AM. I am still at LLF 2 ½ years later, WOW; I would never have thought that. But usually, you’re pretty surprised when God puts you on the path that he wants you on. Each day that I am sober and clean, is another day that the Lord has given me. My gratitude can never be explained. My God found me and saved me and picked me up when I was sure there was no light or peace in sight. LLF is truly blessed. Because of LLF, the Lord, and all the amazing and wonderful people in my life, I finally figured out my purpose. I am to serve the Lord. I am to give back. I am to shout from the ROOFTOPS that MY GOD made a miracle and what is so great is that miracle is me. - Jada Wikoff
Four years ago I was not the person I am today and neither was my family. Addiction is a disease that many people struggle with. It became a part of my family at a very young age. Both of my parents are recovering alcoholics. Growing up in a home filled with addiction was very traumatizing. I was constantly worried about my parents and siblings. As a freshman, due to a family situation, I became the woman of the household; my mother would receive charges due to her struggle with alcoholism. I was expected to cook, clean, do laundry, and take care of my younger sibling. As I look back at that difficult year I can still see God’s hand in everything. After serving twenty-two days in jail my mom applied and was accepted into Ladies Living Free, which is a long-term faith-based rehab for women who struggle with life-controlling issues. I believe Ladies Living Free not only saved my mother but also the unity of my family. At this time my life was very stressful and chaotic and my grades and attitude reflected this stress. I began to see a peace in my mom that surpassed all my understanding. I yearned to have the same peace. As my parents began to mend their relationship, I began to start a new one. One that would give me more than I could ever give in return, I established a personal relationship with God and started to work on myself. As my mom completed and graduated Ladies Living Free, she would appear in court for her final sentencing where she would be sentenced to ninety-eight days in jail. After those ninety-eight days, my mom came home and was completely transformed by God’s healing grace. My home was now a safe place and God was making a new creation out of my family. Not every day is perfect but every day we give the Glory to God. As for me, my attitude and grades were also transformed. Now, I strive to be on the honor roll and prepare myself as much as possible for the future. I have taken more than thirty hours of college credit and have maintained a high school GPA of a 3.0 or better. My dream is to one day become a nurse and volunteer my services at rehab and to families that have loved ones in rehab. I pray the opportunity will arise for me to witness to someone that is experiencing a situation similar to mine. My family continues to grow and become more Christ-centered everyday; giving God all the glory in every situation that arises. – Mary Beth Aycock

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On October 28, 2017, PLM and LLF had their 28th annual graduation. It's exciting to see the transformation that God is doing in their lives.           28th-llf-graduation1              
We would like to thank the Kentucky Colonels for their generous grant that gave us the funds to purchase these brand new computers for our computer class.