Freedom from addiction through Faith!

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. – John 8:36

Our Mission:

To provide men and women with Christ-centered solutions to drug and alcohol addiction. We are committed to helping individuals become spiritually alive, mentally sound, and physically well through faith and obedience to Jesus Christ.

About The Program

Paducah Lifeline Ministries and its sister ministry, Ladies Living Free, offers a Christ-centered recovery program to help men and women overcome life-controlling problems. We provide a supportive environment, trained staff and volunteers, and a structured learning program to help every person become aware of the hope they have through Christ. This hope will enable each individual to not only gain victory over their addiction, but to improve conditions in their marriage, family, and other relationships. Our ultimate goal is for men and women to successfully recover so they bring greater stability first to their homes and to then to their communities. Although all of our clients are required to fulfill some standard obligations of our 3 Phases of Recovery program, each person is treated on an individual basis according to specific needs that members of Lifeline Leadership believe are in the client's best interest to prepare them to successfully manage their lives. Staff, volunteers, and support groups continually provide every individual with care and compassion throughout this time of change. Each of our 3 Phases of Recovery lasts approximately 3 months and includes activities that are required for every individual's graduation from the program and eventual life success. Phase 1: Foundations of Recovery
  • Class Attendance Group Session Participation
    • Life Change Necessities
    • Vocational Training
    • Financial Management
  • One-to-One Counseling
  • Community Events
  • Church Services
Phase 2: Fundamental Application
  • Evening Class Attendance Church Services
    • Avoiding & Overcoming Temptations
    • Individual Budgets
    • Discipline of Priorities
  • Obtain Daytime Employment
  • $10.75/ Day Rent as of January 2017
  • Clients can receive passes up to 4 hours and graduate up to 24 hours
  • Cell Phone and Personal Vehicle Allowed
Phase 3: Independent Living Men can choose to live independently again but must continue to fulfill program requirements.
  • Class Attendance
  • Continued Church Attendance
  • Group Sessions
  • One-to-One Mentoring

About Terrye

On June 7, 1999, God delivered me from a 28-year addiction to alcohol. A week after that deliverance, God spoke to my heart, "There are hurting women out there and I need for you to share with them what I have done for you so that you can give them hope." I knew God was going to use me to help people with addictions, and when a friend from church called me in 2005 asking if I would be willing to help her start a women's faith-based rehabilitation program similar to Paducah Lifeline Ministries for men, I answered yes without hesitation! In 2006 the leadership at Paducah Lifeline Ministries approached our group of volunteers and asked us if we would like to merge with them and if I would like to serve on their board. Again, I was thrilled to say yes, and in January 2010 I also became the Executive Director. While addiction seems to be everywhere and growing worse in our community, I am fortunate to work with so many godly people that also love the unlovely. I have seen so many lives transformed and families restored as a result of the healing power that comes from Jesus Christ as he moves through those of us involved at Paducah Lifeline Ministries. It is so rewarding to see how often those who graduate from the program, not only recover but then come back and volunteer and serve others. My passion comes from deep within me and I long to help as many people as I can. We look for those who are broken and help them see the hope that they can be renewed if they want it and are willing to let go and let God transform them. Jesus delivered my husband six months after he delivered me, he and I are living proof that if you surrender totally to Jesus Christ he can give you a new life and set you free indeed!
Allen Aycock Darrell Orazine - Co-Chair Carol Conway - Board Chair Shirley Orazine - Board Secretary Keisha Hopkins Dr. Jeff Taylor - Treasurer Dr. Bernice Belt Dr. Eickholz Bob Hill Lavonna Willingham Terrye Peeler - Executive Director   Anna Berlekamp - Past Board Chair (2015) Kim Jones - Past Board Chair (2013, 2014) Greg Widmer - Past Board Chair  
BIG NEWS for our ministry!! Paducah Lifeline and Ladies Living Free received a check from the Ray & Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust. This grant money is to be used for new beds and appliances for the men, a vehicle for each ministry, and a portion for operating funds. We are so excited to be partnering with the Ray & Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust. We are thankful for their belief in the work that we do to provide Christ-centered recovery for men and women who struggle with drugs and alcohol. This is a great community and it takes donations like this to help us financially continue running Paducah Lifeline and Ladies Living Free. Teresa Eckstein handing me check                  
Carson Myre Charitable has financially supported Paducah Lifeline and Ladies Living Free for several years. Their continued financial giving has helped us pay off debt as well as helped with operational expenses and staff payroll. Since we primarily rely on churches, businesses, and individuals to support our financial needs, it's a blessing to have a foundation like Carson Myre that helps contribute to our financial needs each year.

What People Are Saying

View comments from community leaders regarding our ministry.

“Paducah Lifeline is a critical part of our caring community by giving hope and opportunity to so many who have turned to addiction in an attempt to numb themselves to personal issues. This organization has improved our area by giving concerned citizens an opportunity to bring our neighbors up from a desperate state to life loving productive citizens.”   -Bob Leeper, McCracken Co. Judge Executive
"I have seen so many people experience life change through Paducah Lifeline.  I really believe that the reason is that instead of simply focusing on drug and alcohol rehab, Paducah Lifeline focuses on all of the underlying spiritual, relational and emotional areas of brokenness that bring about addiction.  Through the power of Jesus Christ, people are being holistically redeemed at Lifeline." -Dr. Brad Henson, Pastor at Community Fellowship, Hickory KY
Paducah Lifeline really is just that, a lifeline for people who need a helping hand to overcome the darkest point in their lives.  When they show up in court in support of someone charged with a drug offense it is a powerful thing for everyone involved.  When a person finds themselves in a courtroom, charged with a drug offense, they aren’t at their best but with the support of Paducah Lifeline, they can and do overcome.  Their program is an integral part of our community and our judicial system.         -Leigh Ann Dycus, Commonwealth Attorney’s Office
Most of us know our region has a substance abuse problem, but few know about the answer.  As a pastor, Ladies Living Free and Lifeline ministries enable us to be part of the answer.  Lifeline and Ladies Living Free are on the front lines of the battle against addiction and life-controlling substances in our region.  Partnering with them enables our church family to provide real help, to real people, who experience a real victory.   -John Aitken, Pastor, Faith Center, Paducah KY
“I often have the realization when I am face to face with someone who wants to change his or her life that it will take an overhaul that demands a complete uprooting and change of environment.  At that point, I have two options if I am to be faithful to Jesus.  I can either support a ministry like Lifeline that offers that environment or I must open my own home.”            -Nathan Joyce, Pastor, Heartland Worship Center
Lifeline Ministry has truly been just that for so many men, a lifeline.  Often during addiction there comes the moment when we ask, "How did I get here? How did I lose everything?"  That first drink or that first injection or first pill was not taken with the intent to destroy your life.   For so many of the men who have been blessed by either being ordered, by the judge, or selected by the selection committee to participate in the residential program there has been presented to them the opportunity to change the path they have been walking.  Christ is the center of everything at Lifeline Ministry. If you have the opportunity to attend the recognition banquet, you will truly be motivated to support this program.  My life was changed by seeing the interactions of the people who have reached out to those in need and to those who have reached back and held on to the lifeline offered.  You cannot help but be motivated to give of yourself to these people whether it is in prayer, financially or creatively developing new supportive structures. I support this program in our community and thank God for them. -Commissioner Richard Abraham
“Addiction is a disease that people can’t handle on their own, without the help of others.  As Sheriff of McCracken County, I support the work of Lifeline Ministries.  This organization provides a supportive environment with individualized care and compassion to meet the needs of each client.  They address the underlying issues related to the recovery process so that he or she may successfully rediscover the balance with their family and the community.   The rewards gained from the client’s transformation from addiction to recovery are immeasurable to the community.  Without this recovery process, the downward spiral within the family becomes a crisis not only to them but the community as well.” -Sheriff Jon Hayden, McCracken Co. Sheriff’s Dept.